Obviously Disheartened, But Back After Long Absence

It’s been a politically and economically disheartening almost-two years since the last post. I now have severe regrets about voting for Obama. But we all make mistakes.

On the other hand living with this one really hurts. Blue Shield just jacked up my health insurance by almost 20% which makes it a family budget buster almost equal to the mortgage. Obama wants to raise my taxes and the IRS has been auditing me because they can’t understand why an author needs books and other research materials.

I’ve had my head down, trying to ignore politics and concentrating on a new wine industry publication, Wine Industry Insight, which has started to produce substantial revenues and on a new thriller that I am nearly finished with.

So, this former-registered Republican, currently registered Democrat but highly independent voter is back. And pissed.

These posts will resume.

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