Fake Email BUSTED: Major General Buckman: “Did Not Author ” Email Slamming ABC’s Raddatz

On July 7, I wrote a post, Major General Buckman, Urban Legend describing an email bearing his name that concerned Iraq news coverage by ABC News Correspondent Martha Raddatz.

As I stated in that earlier post I felt the email in question had the signs of an urban legend. Why? It just didn’t “smell” right. After several decades of investigative reporting, including the privilege of sending a number of officials to jail — at least one Congressman among them — you get a nose for these things.

I called Maj. General Louis C. Buckman on July 11 and left a message on his home answering machine.

He returned my call July 14, when I was on another line. His voicemail was short and to the point: “I did not author that email … absolutely not.” In a follow-up conversation, he expressed his frustration at having his name attached to the email.

“I certainly don’t appreciate whoever did that,” he said. “I called Ms. Raddatz to express my concerns. She was very nice about it”

The email — which still circulates — is, in essence, a forgery: disinformation designed to discredit Martha Raddatz. Ironically, the biased and inaccurate email complained about media bias.

This email is BUSTED!

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